Dynamic of Internet Bloodsports?

Which game is one of the most dynamic of Internet Bloodsports?

Fatshark / Toadman Interactive has developed a dynamic online game that will not make you and your friends bored.
Main information:Genre: Client, Online Games
Features: MOBA, PVE, Tower Defense, Isometric Graphics, Post Apocalypse
Status: Started
Payment: One-time purchase

Release date: 03/30/2015

Bloodsports. The TV is a game whose actions develop in a devastated post-apocalyptic world that is under the onslaught of mutants and animals. The game features a massive set of characters, each with its unique abilities and style of play.

What is unique about this game?

Bloodsports. The TV is a cooperative MOBA, designed for the coherence and solidarity of a team of five players. The main task is to protect the missile bunker from numerous waves of different enemies.
A team of friends is formed from Gladiators, each of which has its unique abilities. Cut, burn, freeze, kill enemies and help allies to become the legendary Gladiator.
8 Gladiators – find and practice joint tactics;
More than a hundred items – experiment and create your assembly;
6 Arenas with their secrets and arrangements;
Leaderboard allows you to participate in the global competition;
The complexity will make players work hard – the maximum level, the Apocalypse, which not all can pass;
Co-op mode for up to five players.
How to play this game?

The gameplay here aimed at the protection of mines with nuclear weapons from creep waves, headed by a variety of bosses. Each subsequent offensive is stronger than the previous one. To destroy the waves, you need one of eight gladiators, which can be modified using over 90 items.

The fact that it happens in the open spaces of Stockholm, you can guess just carefully reading the task. In Bloodsports.TV, post-apocalyptic Sweden looks far from the best: blood stains, mountains of garbage, endless ruins, crowds of freaks

This game is exciting because it makes the players attentive and continually keeps in suspense. Therefore, if you want real battles in the world of the post-apocalypse and at the same time to solve complex tasks with your friends, Bloodsports. TV is what you need.