Digital marketing specialist salary

What is an average Digital marketing specialist salary?

Surely there is no universal standard for any job and receiving a relevant answer largely depends on the region, workload, and skills. Still, whether you’re planning to work abroad or searching a position in your hometown, it is essential to know how the salary is calculated and where to find an answer to that annoying question “How much are you expecting to earn in our company?”. To get a general idea and know what to do next read our tips for Digital marketing specialist salary estimation.

How to find actual numbers

It is most useful to compare the salaries of similar specialists in your area to estimate how much you should request. Several comparison websites allow you to do just that ? they collect data from job offering sites and their users willing to share the numbers. If you’re searching for Digital marketing specialist salaries in your town ? find a local jobhunting service and scroll through offers. It will also work with searching abroad if you already know the language of the country, but in case you don’t ? there are significant international services like Glassdoor, Payscale, and others.
A useful tool is Numbeo because it gives you statistics not only on salaries but also on average monthly expenses. This is another good way of calculating what a DM specialist salary should be abroad. You can see how much the rent and utilities would cost you, what are the annual taxes, how much should you need for groceries, clothing, other essentials, and fun activities and from that derive how much you need to earn to lead a comfortable life.
How to get the well-paid job

It’s important to not only request fair pay but also to make sure you have all the similar skills to be considered. So, what does a high Digital marketing specialist salary consist of? Mainly of creating and performing marketing campaigns, analyzing their results and adjusting strategies. This means you have to have a thorough knowledge of current DM tools and the most effective approach. As a specialist you are also likely to have an assistant or a team, so skills in managing your subordinates are essential.

Usually, to get a position with a good salary you need to have a proper education, this will mean not only a Bachelors or Masters degree in marketing, but also various certificates of completion of relevant courses or attendance of lectures on essential topics. The latter might even be more important these days because such knowledge as SEO is generally not included in university courses but makes a big part of the job.

Same goes for work experience ? if you dare for a high Digital marketing specialist salary, be sure to present your successful projects and generate some ideas on how you would promote the company you’re applying to. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to look at similar job requirements and polish up your knowledge in secondary subjects or master new tools.

In the end, though, the most appreciated skills in this sphere are quick learning and creativity, so having them, you can search for as high a Digital marketing specialist salary as you wish because masterful marketing will attract new clients permanently and every company leader understands that.