The front-rank MacBook Air cases

The front-rank MacBook Air cases

There can be many reasons why one wants a matter for the laptop, starting from necessary protection and ending with little desire to show off. With this brand, an identification problem can be a big deal, when you work in an environment with several other Apple users. It only sounds fun until someone takes your precious laptop by mistake and leaves you panicking. So, whatever your motivation, you probably want to know what options you have and how to choose between them, and our guide will help you through the process.

Basic types of MacBook Air cases

You can easily find designs of the following four kinds: shell, case, sleeve, and bag. The distinction between them sometimes dissolves though. You can have a simple light tank for the screen and keyboard and then a proper protective hard case that looks almost the same or a bumper-case that looks nothing like either version. Or you can have a thin, stylish sleeve only to fit the Air and a big one to provide also a tablet and multiple accessories for both, yet it will not be considered a bag.

How do you choose which one will be best for your needs? Well, you need to consider the needs and see the options. Most often people need protection, standing out, utility. So, let us venture in the different options for every need and some combinations of them.

The appropriate choice

Protection will require you to look at materials combined with the predicted dangers:
·        You have to carry your MacBook Air in your hand for two blocks with the weather being unpredictable? Slide it into a tight sleeve and use for an umbrella if you like.
·        You regularly toss your bag under train seats or jam into filled overhead bins of planes? Go for a padded sleeve or a proper bag that will also fit travel essentials.
·        You have a bag, but your keys scratch the perfect aluminum surface? Get a nice cheap shell that you can easily replace once you’re tired of it.
·        You don’t take your laptop out of the office but constantly bang it on surfaces? Put an elastic bumper case on and beat all you want.

If you want to decorate your MacBook Air or need to radiate success and style ? the market offers plenty of choices from 10$ to way over a 100$. The most affordable options are typically shells, which can be transparent, semi-transparent, plain color or bearing a print, the latter being typical or custom. A posh case for a well-to-do businessman would be a thin sleeve in Italian or crocodile leather.

As for utility, it means typically pockets for most of us, so you can only choose between a sleeve or a bag. There are multiple designs of organizers depending on the amount and sort of items you need to fit in. Another nifty option is RFID protection material for the safety of your bank cards. Some bags can offer important travel options like charging on-the-go, forget-me-not, theft protection and so on.