iNinja VPN review

In our time, only those who do not use a computer and do not work on the Network have not heard of total bans and blockings about VPN, it is hardly necessary to explain to anyone what it is. This article will consider the main functions of such a service and discuss the effectiveness of iNinja VPN.

VPN – a great tool, which helps to stay safe online

VPN is a network technology that uses encryption techniques to communicate with a private network over the Internet. This type of service is used mainly by government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals who want to facilitate the access of remote users to secure private networks.

VPN allows its users to remain incognito and prevent any attempts at espionage. VPNs can be used to access regionally restricted Web sites, as well as to protect Internet activity in public Wi-Fi zones.

In addition to protecting your data, thanks to VPN services you can:

  • hide the actual geographical location for reasons of confidentiality;
  • buy cheaper in foreign online stores or services;
  • do not allow anyone to track your browsing history, including governments;
  • do not leave any digital traces of your identity, place of residence, and activity on the Internet;
  • bypass the restrictions or blacklist of your IP address – often used to download various torrents or to access services that are not available in a particular country (such as Netflix libraries), etc.

Points to look for when choosing a VPN?

VPNs differ in many factors, among which we can highlight the most important:

  • Traffic restrictions. Some VPNs have traffic restrictions, so they are not suitable for watching videos and listening to audio recordings;
  • Location of servers. Each VPN service owns a different number of servers and, accordingly, the servers have different locations.
  • Available protocols. Again, if you plan to download something from torrents, you need a VPN to be able to work with P2P traffic.
  • Many services provide test access and you can be sure that the VPN service you choose will meet your needs.

iNinja VPN review

VPN iNinja is a free plugin for Google Chrome and browsers supported by the Chrome web store to bypass blocked sites, change IP and country. The relatively new service helps users easily change their IP addresses. Unlike some other services, iNinja does not use users’ computers to route encrypted traffic. You can get access to 9 VPN servers in different countries for free, which will allow you, for example, to easily access sites unavailable in different states. Among the main advantages of the tool is the speed of work, which exceeds the capabilities of other popular VPN products.


  • uncomplicated interface;
  • high connection speed, which allows you to quickly download large files;
  • 9 free servers;
  • works stably even at rush hour;
  • does not show ads.


  • there is no way to configure your own proxy;
  • most servers in the United States;
  • ping at some points reaches 250 ms.